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Hey there, I'm Sam the RD!

I am your expert Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist who is all about helping YOU live a health forward, restriction free, vibrant life!

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About Nutrition with Sam the RD

I am here to help you cultivate not only a health forward diet and lifestyle, but a healthful relationship with food. I teach you how to properly fuel your body to live a healthy, active, vibrant lifestyle. I teach you that there are no good and bad foods, and that sometimes it’s more about HOW you eat than what you eat.

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Working with Sam was a great experience. I went in to the process expecting to have a meal plan and macros set, and our weekly meetings to be about what I ate that I shouldn't have (like previous experiences). Sam's approach is mindful and holistic, and approached the "why" I was eating instead of "what". It has completely changed the way I manage stress and greatly improved my quality of life. Couldn't recommend Sam more!


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