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One-on-One Online Nutrition Coaching

I firmly believe that all bodies, lifestyles, and goals are different. This is exactly why you need a personalized approach no matter what your nutrition related goal.

Through One-on-One Online Nutrition Coaching with me, you will be able to re-learn how to properly fuel your body, dismantle disordered eating patterns, and cultivate health-forward habits to support your lifestyle.


This is for you if:

  • You want to learn more about the basic principles of nutrition for your specific body

  • You want to live a health-forward lifestyle

  • You are unsure of what to eat or how much

  • You need assistance managing a food allergy

  • You have questions regarding how to improve athletic performance

  • You have digestive concerns

  • You have questions on how to eat to promote male/female fertility

  • You struggle with your relationship with food

  • You feel defeated by the scale and/or frustrated with the response of your body

  • You often eliminate foods or food groups

  • You are unsure of how to live your life and meet your goals

  • You struggle with meal ideas for yourself and/or your family

  • You are unsure if you are actually doing what you should be to reach your goals

  • You are tired of starting over and ready to enjoy permanent changes


Why work with me?

There are lots of “health coaches” or “nutrition coaches” out there, but what makes me different? Unfortunately, lots of those coaches lack the education and experience to provide accurate, evidence based, and well-rounded recommendations. That’s why dietitians are where it’s at! We are the original “holistic nutrition coaches” because we are sure to incorporate your physical and emotional health with staying aware of your social and environmental factors. Every single person is different, and that’s why you deserve a qualified professional providing you with an individualized plan with personalized recommendations as opposed to a template program. 

You and I will work together in a collaborative process to create a plan and action-oriented objectives to meet your short- and long-term goals. My goal is to teach you how to fuel your body for the long run, because we never stop needing to eat, right? Additionally, we will work together to come up with strategies to tackle challenges that come up because, let’s be real here, challenges will come up but it’s all about how we tackle them and move forward (*insert Rocky quote here*). I will supply the education, guidance, and accountability that you need, but all that we create and do is driven forward by you! 


What's included

One-on-One Online Nutrition Coaching- $195.00/month (3-month minimum)

  • 1 Hour Virtual (video) Consultation + Individualized Plan

  • Unlimited text/voice messages and email contact

  • One 30-minute call/month to discuss and navigate challenges more in depth & provide necessary support

  • Weekly online Check-in’s via email for accountability and biofeedback/progress monitoring

    • These are necessary as your plan will be adjusted weekly, or as-needed, based on if you are crushing certain objectives that have become second nature, trends in your intake, your body’s feedback, health needs, ability to comply, changes of your body or life (stress, traveling)

  • Feedback to your check-in’s will then be provided

  • Toolbox – of all applicable documents which are pieces of information that I put together for you to assist you in the process to your goals, it may be a grocery list, meal prep guide, stress management plan, etc.

  • Access to mindful eating eBook 

  • A few sample menus per your specific nutrition recommendations 


How it works

After you fill out the contact page linked below, I will reach out within 24-48 hours and set up a phone call or video chat to further discuss what you'd like to get out of working together, what you need to be successful, and how you will be able to best make changes to ensure success. Once you officially purchase coaching, I will then send over a questionnaire that will guide our discussion and provide detailed background information that we wouldn't have time to collect during our virtual video consultation & we will coordinate a day and time for your consultation. After your consultation, I will send over a recap of our discussion as well as your Nutrition plan moving forward and it's game on to feeling your best!