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No one will remember you for the shape/size of your body

I’m all about honoring you and your goals, whether they’re to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle etc. Who am I to tell you that your goals aren’t valid! But I have just one caveat, what’s your why? Are you desiring body ideals that aren’t realistic based on the lifestyle you live? Do you feel like you *should* be a certain shape or size because that’s what society and diet culture has drilled into your head?

Regardless of goals, and while this might be somewhat morbid, I want you to keep in mind that at the end of your life, no one will be talking about your body. No one will be talking about the amount of body fat or muscle you have.

Turns out, the size and shape of your body is the least interesting thing about you, and no one is focusing on it as much as you are. So, give yourself a damn break and practice grace as you continue to navigate this new normal.

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